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Shots in Solothurn

Do you like shots and don't know where to find them in Solothurn? Here at the Fee, you can get various shots (not just absinthe) on offer.

Shots, also known as shots or schnapps, are small amounts of high-proof alcoholic drinks that are drunk in one go. This form of alcohol consumption is particularly popular in bars and at parties. But what makes shots so exciting and interesting?

Variety of flavors

One of the main reasons why shots are so popular is the incredible variety of flavors. From clear spirits such as vodka, tequila and gin to sweet, fruity or creamy liqueurs - there is something for everyone when it comes to shots. This variety makes it possible to diversify the evening and discover new tastes.

Our shots

You can currently find the following shots at the Grüne Fee in Solothurn:

  • Fairy Shot

  • Film tear

  • Fairy69

  • Feegroni Shot

  • Green goblin

  • Bitter disappointment

  • Cinnamon Shot

  • Tequila Sunrise Shot

  • Chuck Norris

Social experience

Shots are often drunk in social gatherings, which makes them a social ritual. Toasting and drinking shots together can bring a group together and create an exuberant atmosphere. This shared experience promotes a sense of community and can be an ice-breaker at parties or in bars.

Creativity in the presentation

Another exciting aspect of shots is the creativity that can go into their presentation. From fancy glasses to layering different liqueurs to burning shots - the possibilities are almost endless. This creative aspect makes ordering and drinking shots an experience in itself.

Fast effect

Due to the high alcohol content and quick drinking, the effects of shots become noticeable relatively quickly. This can be particularly desirable on festive occasions or in a relaxed atmosphere to lift the mood. However, caution is advised here, as the rapid consumption of high-proof drinks can also quickly lead to excessive alcohol consumption.

Tradition and culture

In many cultures, shots also have a traditional meaning. Whether it's the classic tequila shot with salt and lemon in Mexico or the traditional vodka shot in Russia - many countries have their own rituals and traditions when it comes to drinking shots. This cultural aspect makes drinking shots an opportunity to immerse yourself in the drinking cultures of other countries.

Here at the Grüne Fee in Solothurn, absinthe shots are very popular.

Conclusion on shots in Solothurn

Shots are an integral part of drinking culture around the world for good reason. Their variety, social experience, creative presentation, quick effect and cultural significance make them an exciting option for a night out. However, it is important to remain responsible when consuming alcoholic beverages, especially such high-proof ones.

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